Saturday, May 23, 2015

Loot Crate May "United" Review!

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Hey everyone! Hope you're having an excellent Memorial Day weekend, can you believe May is almost over? Crazy how this year is flying by. With the end of the month heading our way that can only mean it is Loot Crate time! Loot Crate is a monthly subscription box dedicated to all things geeky and gamey. This month's theme was "Unite."

This crate contained:
- Bravest Warriors Comic
- Avengers: Age of Ultron Decal
- Team Fortress 2 Button Set
- Marvel Super Heroes Ice Tray
- Rick and Morty Puzzle
- MAD Magazine
- Marvel Sneaker Laces


- Exclusive Green Ranger Tee

I really liked the variety in this crate. It revolved around teams and duo's whether it is from comics, television shows, or blockbuster movies. 

I'm not super familiar with Bravest Warrior, Team Fortress 2, or Rick and Morty but I did love the variety of products, especially the Rick and Morty puzzle. I have been hearing a lot about that show recently and have to check it out. 

The t-shirt is pretty cool, I was all about the Power Rangers when I was younger but I was a red ranger fan for life. Jason forever! So when Tommy, the green ranger, came and stole his thunder I was not a fan. So Tommy is my least favorite Power Ranger, never forget you know man? 

I really thought the MAD magazine was cool and fun, I didn't know they still made them, it's super funny. The Avengers stuff is really cool, too. I haven't seen the new film yet but I know a lot of people that are huge fans. I plan on giving the decal to my Uncle because he is a diehard super hero fan. I think the Marvel ice cubes are super cool and something I never thought of before. They're really fun for parties or just for yourself. The laces are great, too because they're black and grey so they don't stand out too much but still look awesome.

Overall, I really enjoyed this Loot Crate, once again it doesn't disappoint. Definitely check them out you won't be disappointed!

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Wednesday, May 20, 2015

Blue Diamond Almond Breeze Hint of Honey Almond Milk Review!

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You guys should know by now that I am obsessed with Blue Diamond Almond Breeze Almond Milk. It's delicious and the perfect alternative to milk. I actually prefer it to milk. Their latest flavor is their vanilla with a hint of honey and I LOVE IT. This was sponsored by Blue Diamonds.

I love almond milk because it lasts. I am not the type of person that uses milk everyday and if I bought milk all the time it would expire and it'd be a waste. I also love that it's lower calorie than milk, at only 60 calories per serving.

The hint of honey flavor is a flavor I never even thought of creating and it's amazing. I've been having it in my tea just to give it that little honey kick and it's perfect. It's also great with granola. 

I like the hint of honey because it's not a huge kick, it's a hint sweeter but the almonds are still there. Though it's not overwhelmingly almond flavor, you guys know I don't really like the taste of almonds, the milky taste still makes it great.

It also helps support honeybee's too which is great. Bees pollenate 50-80% of the world’s food supply and the population disappearing/dying. So it's great that they're trying to support them. 

Overall though, it is super delicious and I love it. I'm really glad they incorporated the honey and I definitely recommend it. Check it out you won't be disappointed!

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Purex Giveaway Winners!

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Congrats to Leela, Desiree, Sarah for winning!

Wednesday, May 13, 2015

Schick Hydro Silk TrimStyle Review!

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Razors can be tricky, you know you think you have a good one and it irritates your skin and its onto the next one. Fortunately, with Schick's new Hydro Silk TrimStyle is here to help. This new razor is perfect and definitely my new favorite. I received this opportunity thanks to BzzAgent.

This razor combines their water-activated moisturizing serum and 5 curve-sensing blades with skin guards to help protect skin from irritation. It also has a trimmer which can be used in and out of the shower for convenient bikini maintenance. Designed exclusively for the curves and contours of a woman’s body, five Curve Sensing blades provide incredible closeness while unique Skin Guards on each blade help protect against irritation

Honestly, I wasn't a huge fan of the trimmer it didn't trim much but I loved the razor. I've been using the razor for a few weeks now and it hasn't bugged me at all. It is smooth and doesn't irritate the skin. I haven't gotten any nicks or anything.

Sometimes razors that have the with a lotion around it the lotion stuff falls off and doesn't last, but, this protective lotion around stays on and continues to help the shaving process go smoothly.

Overall, I really enjoyed this razor, it's great. Definitely check it out, you won't be disappointed!

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Tuesday, May 12, 2015

Blue Diamond Oven Roasted Almonds Review!

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You guys know I am a big Blue Diamond fan, they have such great variety of items but they're go-to, OG is their almonds. I love all of the flavored almonds, they taste great. I used to dislike almonds and now I am a huge fan. Recently they have a new type of almonds Oven Roasted.

They sent me their Sea Salt and Dark Chocolate almonds.

I am a huge fan of Dark Chocolate so I was super excited to try those and almost immediately opened the bag.

They are covered with a thin layer of dark chocolate making them sweet but not too sweet. A nice, healthy snack to hit your sugar craving while still not breaking the calorie bank.

The Sea Salt ones were just as good. Lightly salted to hit the savory snack spot.

What's great about these almonds is they're tasty snacks but with some added health benefits. 

For instance these almonds:
- Have 6 grams of protein per serving
- Rich in Antioxidant Vitamin E
- 3 grams of Fiber per serving
- Cholesterol Free

Another awesome thing is the serving amount, usually they're sneaky with them and put a low number of nuts but for each serving it's 24 nuts which is a decent amount. Each serving for the Sea Salt is 170 calories while the Dark Chocolate is 160.

I really enjoyed these, I also like the packaging. I like that they're in little baggies because it makes them perfect travel snacks. I have traveled with the tins before but they take up a lot of room in my backpack. These guys lay pretty flat and take up less room.

Overall, I really enjoyed these, they're not as flavorful as the other nuts but they're healthier and in a way because there's less added flavor they taste less artificial. Sometimes you just wanna eat some nuts with no fancy sugary or salty flavors and these are perfect. Definitely check them out you won't be disappointed! This post was sponsored by Blue Diamond almonds but my opinions are my own.

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