Wednesday, March 4, 2015

Dial Miracle Oil Body Wash Review and Giveaway!


Hey everyone! One of your favorite brands, Dial, is at it again with a new, excellent body wash! Their latest is Miracle Oil Body wash. It's infused with caring Marula oil for beautifully, soft skin. I was lucky enough to try it out!

Theis new body wash is formulated with Micro Oil Technology for a luxurious, clean-rinsing lather that leaves skin feeling clean, soft, and smooth.

But I know what you're wondering: "what in the world is marula oil?" Well it's extracted from kernels of the marula tree. The marula tree is a tree based primarily in South Africa, if you wikipedia it it looks just like that big tree in Animal Kingdom in Disney World. Marula oil is known to deeply hydrate and nourish skin while protecting it from skin-damaging free radicals. So it's pretty safe and great for you.

I really enjoyed this body wash. A little bit went a long way on my loofah, just about a dime-size and it cleans your whole body. It didn't dry out your skin and did leave my skin feeling soft and smooth. I enjoyed the smell too because it wasn't super overpowering, a mixture of floral and just soapy clean. 

Overall, this was great and really hydrates your skin. It's perfect for the winter weather's winds that dries your skin out. Definitely check it out you won't be disappointed!

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Tuesday, March 3, 2015

Loot Crate February 2015 Review!

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Hey everyone, I'm a little late to the game but this past month's Loot Crate was pretty awesome. I mean, I'm only like 3 days late so it's not too bad. Loot Crate is a monthly subscription box dedicated to all things geeky and gamey. February's theme ways Play!

The items in the crate are:
- DIY Munny figure
- Ready Player One by Ernest Cline
- Superfight's Loot Crate Deck card game
- Rock - Paper - Scissors dice game
- Hexbug
- Waka-Waka (Pac man) Poster

I really enjoyed this crate, it had a variety of everything and just like a bunch of fun items.

First off, reading! Reading can be super fun especially with Ready Player One. I actually have this book (now I have 2) and I really enjoyed reading it. It takes place in the dystopian future where we do everything via computers, or, as they call it, the Oasis. The creator of the Oasis allegedly has some buried treasure hidden in the system. Some people believe it is a myth and some people feel it actually exists. Without giving much else away, we follow the lead character on the hunt for this treasure. Fun fact, it is going to be made into a movie, and I'm looking forward to that.

Next up, the Munny, this looks really awesome and a really fun type of gift to give your artsy friend if you yourself isn't the best artist (aka me). This is my plan. Don't get me wrong, this looks awesome, but I'm a weird perfectionist and will feel like if I draw anything on it I'll mess it up. So yeah, it'll be a fun gift for my friend.

I really enjoyed the Pac Man poster just because who doesn't enjoy that game? Speaking of games, the Superfight card game is awesome. I haven't played it yet but it looks like a blast. Player one takes one white card (characters) and one black card (attributes) and Player two does the same. Each player grabs another black card to add it to their fighter. Then each player pleads it's case as to why their choice would win in the fight and the table votes. The blue and purple cards are scenarios you can draw one, both or none during a fight. Seems like a pretty fun group game.

They also put in the rock-paper-scissors dice game which is basically the hand game but in dice form. You can carry them around in this cool bag, too.

Lastly, the Hexbug I feel was the only non-game related item but I mean you do play with it so that's probably why they tossed it in. You can make it walk across the floor and roll over to freak out your friends or roommates. It works better on hard floors, it kind of got stuck in the carpet. Also, you have to put it on it's back for it to flip right-side up. It is a pretty awesome and fun little gadget I can definitely see myself having fun with.

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Friday, February 27, 2015

Coosh Mobile Power and Sync/Charge Cable Review!

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Coosh is an excellent company that specializes in awesome electronics. Instead of making fancy, crazy looking headphones, they make sure they're super comfortable in your ears more than anything.   The have a variety of excellent electronics including headphones, chargers, and more.

I received their Sync/Charger Cable and Mobile Power.

Their Sync/Charger Cable is just another cable for your apple product whether it's an iPad, iPod, or iPhone. This one though is 2 meters long which is great for when you're watching a movie on your iPhone in bed but can't reach the outlet, voila! Here it is to save the day! I am actually more of an android user, but I do have an iPad and mac computer, but this is still pretty awesome. I actually gave it to my roommate though because she has an iPhone and will use this a lot while probably playing candy crush in bed.

The other item I received was a mobile power bank which is awesome. It has an on/off switch so you plus you phone, iPod, whatever into it and turn it on to charge which I like a lot. I have another one and I usually keep the wire in it and feel like that sucks the juice out. But with the on/off switch it works great. Also, I've used it two days in a row and it has yet to be depleted. It's a bit heavy but probably because it lasts such a long time. It comes with a cable that you can use to plug it into your computer to charge it or an outlet square like an iPod or phone charger. It doesn't take long to charge my phone, typically less than an hour. The device itself, I plugged in for a few hours, probably three and it charged up.

Overall, these are both super useful and handy electronics. They're definitely go-to's nowadays. Phone batteries suck and everyone is carrying around mobile power banks, make sure you choose Coosh!

Buy It! Head on over to Coosh's website and browse their great selection!

Monday, February 23, 2015

Namefully Necklace Review!

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I always like finding new and unique gifts to show on here because sure Christmas had passed but there's always a birthday around the corner. That's why I was very excited to review a lovely necklace from Namefully. Namefully has a variety of jewelry pieces that you can personalize with your name, initials, or just letter. 

I received this Gothic Initial necklace in acrylic.

This is not my particular style, but it makes a great gift. That's why I chose the "A" letter for my friend. She's very into Gothic type things and is going through a bit of a tough time so I figured I'd try to give her a small gift to cheer her up. I actually liked the size of it, too. For some reason, online I thought it was going to be larger, but the letter is only about an inch tall.

One the website you can customize the color, chain length, letter and more. It's very easy and user friendly.

Namefully is the perfect website to go to when you need to give a gift to someone because who doesn't love personalized jewelry?

Overall, my friend was really surpassed and happy with this necklace and so was I! Definitely check out Namefully, browse their wide selection and don't worry because there's free shipping worldwide, too!

Buy It! Head on over to Namefully's website now!

Sunday, February 22, 2015

Blue Diamond Almond Breeze Review!

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We live in a world now where if you're allergic to diary or are vegan you can survive on excellent, sometimes better than the original, alternatives. One of them, and my personal favorite, is Blue Diamond Almond Breeze.

I'm not vegan or lactose intolerant (thanks goodness because I can't live without Ben and Jerry's) but I do love almond milk. One huge reason is because I can get a six pack at Costco for an insanely cheap price, two because it lasts way longer than milk, and three because it tastes pretty great.

I don't drink milk too too often which is why a gallon would definitely spoil. I primarily use it for cereal almost every morning and I try to have a smoothie as often as possible. I like using almond milk because I get kind of phlegmy sometimes from regular milk, I think I'm partially lactose-intolerant especially because my mom had to give me soy milk when I was an infant. Almond and soy milk are lighter but still with a nice taste and health benefits.

Almond Breeze is filled with fiber, protein, iron, calcium, and vitamin e, just to name a few. Almond Breeze is also much lower in calories than regular milk and have less fat.

Almond Breeze also come in a variety of great flavors. My go-to is vanilla because it has a bit more flavor than the original but not an overwhelming flavor that overpowers the smoothie or cereal. I also like the one that's mixed with coconut milk with my granola or smoothie because it has a sweeter taste and I'm obsessed with coconut anything. They also have chocolate too which is great but you can't really use it with cereal.

Overall, I really love this milk, definitely check it out you won't be disappointed!

Buy It! Head over to Blue Diamond's website and browse their great selection.