Sunday, October 19, 2014

Private Selection Food Review!

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I'm always up on trying the latest items from to fashion, electronics, and especially food. So when BzzAgent gave me the opportunity to review the special Private Selection line that you can find at your local Kroeger store. My local store is Ralph's and I headed over to use my free product coupons for Private Selection.

In the package, I received some Blue Corn chips and Restaurant Style Salsa which was delicious. The blue corn chips were great because they were kind of like strips, like rectangular chips, perfect for dipping into salsa. The salsa was great, not too mild, not too hot, but still very addicting.

They also sent some select blend nuts which were highly addictive and delicious. They were only lightly salted and had a blend of nuts of pretty much the best, fanciest, and more delicious nuts ever.

Cashews, macadamia nuts, pecans, and then some! Oh man. So good!

I also received three free product coupons for frozen fruit, a pie, and bacon. Unfortunately it wasn't too easy to find any of these. The only product I ended up finding was the frozen fruit and I bought the frozen blueberries.

These are actually great and nicely sized. The packaging isn't too big, but it's a nice size. Heat this up and add them to your oatmeal or yogurt, or add them to smoothies. They're perfect.

I checked various other Ralph's and I couldn't find any Private Selection pies or bacon and ended up giving up. I guess the selection of Private Selection items vary from very Kroeger store. Near me they had a great Private Selection for their ice cream and some frozen food but not any baked goods or much else. It kind of is a relatively new line that adds more items so maybe adding the pies and such are just going a bit slower than expected.

Overall, I did love these items. They all were really delicious. I have had their ice cream before too and it's just as good. All of their items have fresh, delicious ingredients, it's artisan foods but at a decent price.

Buy It! Head on over to your local Ralphs, FredMeyer, or Kroeger grocery store chain! You won't be disappointed!

 Disclaimer- I was provided a product in exchange for my review. You can read more about my blog policies in my disclaimer.

Sashka Giveaway Winner!

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Congrats to Cynthia for winning!

Double Duty Divas Cascade Party #2 Review and Giveaway!


Hi everyone! I was recently given the awesome opportunity to host a party for Cascade thanks to Double Duty Divas. Cascade's platinum line is awesome for dishwashers, so awesome you can even skip pre-washing! It's mind blowing. You may remember I had another Cascade party last month, you can check out that post here. This month was a bit different. I was supposed to hold it at my place, but I ended up bringing the party to my friend's!

Double Duty Divas and Cascade suggested we have a brunch, unfortunately I work every weekend during brunch so that wasn't really possible. Instead, my friends and I were shooting a sketch/having a game night/snack night so I felt like this was the perfect party to also make a Cascade party. She had a dishwasher and fun ensued.

It's really funny because one of the friends I gave it to told me she uses Cascade and loves it because she doesn't have to prewash and I said they actually encourage that. In order to get the most optimum clean and shine, it’s important to skip the prewash and use Cascade Platinum. This is because the special enzymes in Cascade Platinum latch onto the leftover food particles, breaking them down so they can wash away - even 24-hour stuck on food. With no food particles on the dishes, the enzymes can’t do their job as well and this can lead to dish issues. 

Cascade Platinum’s superior technology achieves a clean so powerful it eliminates the need to pre-wash or pre-rinse dishes and even helps keep your dishwasher sparkling. Its advanced triple-action formula has powerful enzymes that break down even 24-hour stuck-on food for Cascade’s best clean and shine.

It's crazy just how well it works, literally the Cascade platinum is a square you pop super easily into the dishwasher and it cleans everything off. It is pretty unbelievable until you try it yourself!

Definitely check out Cascade if you haven't already, you will not be disappointed! Also, do you have an opinion to share? Head to the Cascade website to leave a short review of Cascade Platinum including #CascadeShiningReviews. One reviewer will win a Kitchen Aid Dishwasher!

Buy It! Head on over to Cascade's website and check out where they sell it near you!

Win It! ONE winner will receive an awesome Cascade prize pack! 

It includes: 
1 pack of Cascade Platinum 
1 Bottle of Cascade Rinse Aid 
Whisk · Spatula 
Wine Topper 
Sugar Sifter

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This review was made possible by Double Duty Divas and Cascade. I was provided the featured product free of charge to facilitate my review, but all opinions are 100% mine.

Tuesday, October 7, 2014

Purex Crystals Aromatherapy Review and Giveaway!


I have to say I am very lucky. I get the chance to review products I would probably never try but after reviewing them, become addicted to and find them completely necessary to have in my life. Purex Crystals is one of them. I have been reviewing Purex Crystals for a few years now and I use them every time I do laundry. I am obsessed. Now, their latest line of Crystals is even better than eve r.

Purex Crystals released an Aromatherapy line which helps stimulate your life with peaceful bliss and boundless spirit.

Purex Crystals Aromatherapy come in three scents: Energy, Well Being, and Serenity. I received their Well Being Scent.

The bottle says "infuse your laundry with soothing notes of aromatic citrus and florals blended with essential oils to put a little bliss in your day." Honestly if I had to choose between the three, I'm glad I received this one, I need some extra help making me have a better, happier well being lately so these crystals may give me a little push in the right direction.

Purex Crystals enhance your laundry with added freshness and remove all that funky odor. You just add it before adding in your clothes and regular detergent and once your laundry is done it's left smelling amazing.

Once again, Purex doesn't again does not disappoint, they're products make your laundry look and feel great for a reasonable price. Money is tight guys, why spend a lot of money on those crazy expensive detergents when Purex does the same work but you don't break your bank. Definitely check them out, you won't be disappointed!

Buy It! Head on over to Purex's website and browse their awesome selection!

Win It! THREE winners will receive a free product coupon each for Purex Crystals Aromatherapy!

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ReCAP Mason Jars Review!

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Hey everyone, we all know Mason Jars are making quite a bit of a comeback. People use them all the time for cups, fermenting, leftovers, and more. But the caps can get trick/annoying, fortunately ReCAP Mason Jars are here to help you out!

They've recently launched recap-able lids for mason jars which are way, way easier than the regular lids to mason jars.

I unfortunately don't currently have any Mason Jars/jars that fit this lid but I used an empty salsa jar just to show you all how it works. You just screw it on top and can pour out the ingredients or whatever you're holding in the mason jar by flipping the cap up top. 

They are actually doing a kickstarter right now for the flip cap mason jar lids. There's less than a month left! Pledge some money because they're perfect for everyone. Honestly, watch the video and you'll see you can literally use a mason jar flip cap with pretty much anything.

Some other great facts about the flip cap:
- It's BPA-Free
- FDA-Approved Plastic
- Made in America (right in our hometown of Erie, Pennsylvania)
- Multi-Functional: Flip it. Scoop it. Shake it. Count it.

Overall, I really did enjoy these re-capable lids. They're awesome and I can't wait to use them when I get a Mason Jar!

Buy It! Head on over to Mason Jar's website and also pledge to their kickstarter!

I received one or more of the products mentioned above for free using Tomoson.com. Regardless, I only recommend products or services I use personally and believe will be good for my readers.